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Introduction of Shengli Biological Research Institute of China Animal Husbandry

China Animal Husbandry Shengli Biological Research Institute is the research and development institution of Shandong Shengli Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. (the research institute is not an independent legal entity). Shengli Biological attaches great importance to the re-innovation of R&D and technology introduction, and actively establishes cooperative relations with domestic and foreign counterparts and senior experts. A number of national patents and scientific research results have filled the domestic gap. The technology center of Shengli Biological will undertake the construction of Shandong Province Animal Antibiotic Engineering Technology Center before 2013. It is a provincial-level enterprise technology center and engineering center, a new drug creation platform cultivated by Shandong Province, and an innovative achievement incubation base built by Jinan City. In 2014, it successively obtained the qualifications of Jining Enterprise Technology Center and Jining Animal Antibiotic Engineering Technology Research Center.

The research institute has world-class research facilities. Large-scale equipment includes 5 automatic fermentation tanks of different models from the German B.BRAUN company, 3 fermentation tanks of Shanghai Guoqiang Company (Shanghai Research Center of National Biochemical Engineering), 3 exhaust gas analyzers, and WATERS liquid 2 sets of phase chromatographs, 2 sets of infrared spectrometers from PE company, 1 set of medium pressure preparative chromatography system, 1 set of low pressure preparative chromatography system, 1 set of PALL ultrapure water generator, 1 set of gel imaging system, 1 set of OLYMPUS universal microscope, ultra-low temperature 1 refrigerator, etc.; in addition, there are constant temperature and humidity biochemical incubator, full temperature oscillator, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, potency tester, digital Abbe refractometer, SARTORIUS electronic analytical balance, automatic partial collector, multi-effect extraction There are multiple sets of small R&D equipment such as machine, ultraviolet transmission analyzer, bistable electrophoresis instrument, PCR amplification instrument, nucleic acid hybridization instrument, ultraviolet cross-linking instrument, vertical protein electrophoresis instrument, nucleic acid electrophoresis instrument, microplate reader, etc. The original value of the equipment is 1500 More than ten thousand yuan. Sophisticated instruments and equipment provide a strong guarantee for the smooth development of research and development, and have the ability to undertake comprehensive engineering and technical test tasks and services.

The Institute has more than 60 professional R&D personnel, including 1 postdoctoral fellow, 2 doctors, 22 masters, and 35 intermediate and senior titles. It is a high-quality R&D team. The company has also hired a number of senior industry experts to participate in and guide the research and development work, and cooperate with domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, and enterprises and institutions to carry out technical research and jointly establish a technology research and development network. It has established close cooperative relations with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, National Biochemical Engineering Research Center (Shanghai), Shandong University, Shandong University of Technology, Shandong Agricultural University, Jiangxi Agricultural University and other scientific research institutes. The research institute has long-term industry-university-research cooperation with the Shandong Academy of Sciences Biological Research Institute, and jointly undertakes the national international scientific and technological cooperation plan "the introduction of natural β-carotene high-yielding strains and its industrial fermentation technology".

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