Tevantin Tartrate Premix

The THIRD GENERATION OF MACROLIDE SPECIAL ANTIBIOTICS FOR ANIMALS, inhibit the replication of blue ear disease virus, control blue ear disease in pig farms, prevent ILeitis, kill mycoplasma directly, stimulate the growth of MACROPHAges, and enhance immunity.

【Name of Veterinary drug】

General name: Tevantin tartrate premix

Taiwan-chinese Pinyin: Jiushisuan Taiwanjunsu Yuhunji

【Main ingredient】 Tavanomycin tartrate

【Properties】 This product is light yellowish brown or yellowish brown powder.

【Pharmacological effects】 Pharmacodynamic macrolide antibiotics. Tevantin tartrate has good cell membrane permeability and strong affinity for 70S ribosomes, which can inhibit the synthesis of bacterial proteins and thus inhibit bacterial reproduction. Tyvanamectin tartrate has antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria, and is effective against other antibiotic-resistant Gram-positive bacteria, but almost has no effect on Gram-negative bacteria. Tevanistin tartrate has strong antibacterial activity against Mycoplasma septicum and Mycoplasma synovium.

Drug interaction (1) should not be used together with other macrolides, lincoamines and chloramphenicol because of the same target.

(2) The combination with β-lactam showed antagonistic effect.

【Indication】 for Mycoplasma infection in pigs and Mycoplasma infection in chickens.

【Usage and dosage】 Based on tevanamectin. Mixed feeding: 50 ~ 75g for pigs and 100 ~ 300g for chickens per 1 000kg of feed for 7 days.

【Adverse reaction】 (1) Tevanectin may cause contact dermatitis in humans. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.

(2) Dose-dependent gastrointestinal dysfunction (vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal pain, etc.) may occur in animals after oral administration.

【Precautions】 It is forbidden during laying period of laying hens.

【Medicine rest period】 pig 3 days, chicken 5 days.

【Specification】 According to the calculation of Tevanamectin (1) 100g:20g (20 million units); (2) 100g: 50G (50 million units)

【Packaging】 100g/ bag, 500g/ bag

【Storage】 Shade, airtight, keep in dry place.

【Validity】 2 years.







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