Albendazole ivermectin premix

Using solid dispersion technology, safe and long-term. Oral deworming absorption, high bioavailability. Good palatability, convergence of stomach to promote feeding.

【Name of Veterinary drug】

Generic name: albendazole ivermectin premix

Trade name: Sheng Da Qing

English name: Albendazole Ivermectin Premix

【Main ingredients】 albendazole, ivermectin


【Pharmacological action】 Antiparasitic drug.

An antiparasitic drug. Albendazole has broad spectrum repellent activity, and has strong repellent effect on nematodes, tapeworms and trematodes. The mechanism of its action is by binding to tubulin in worms, preventing it from polymerizing with α-tubulin to form microtubules, thus affecting mitosis, protein assembly, energy metabolism and other cell reproduction processes in worms.

Ivermectin has good repellents against in vivo and in vitro parasites, especially arthropods and in vivo nematodes. It is mainly used to drive out gastrointestinal nematodes, pulmonary nematodes and ectoparasites of pigs. Its antiinsect mechanism is to promote the release of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) from presynaptic neurons, thereby opening GABA-mediated chloride channels. Chlorine ion flow can reduce the impedance of cell membrane and cause a slight depolarization of the resting potential of postsynaptic membrane, thus interfering with the signal transmission between neuromuscles, causing the worm body to relax and paralyze, leading to the death or expulsion of the worm body.

【Function and use】 Anthelmintic. For removing nematodes, flukes, tapeworms and ectoparasites from pigs.

【Usage and dosage】 based on this product. Mixed feeding: 1000g per 1000kg of feed for pigs.

【Adverse reaction】 Albendazole, the main ingredient of this product, has teratogenic effect.

(1) Sow should be used with caution during the first 45 days of gestation. (2) Ivermectin is highly toxic to shrimp, fish and aquatic organisms. Packaging and containers of residual drugs should not pollute water sources.

【Medicine off period】 pig 28 days.

【Specification】 100g: albendazole 6g+ ivermectin 0.25g

【Packaging】 500g/ bag

【Storage】 Shading, airtight storage.

【Validity】 2 years

【Approval Number】 Veterinary medicine No. 151776205







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