Salinomycin Premix

Salinomycin is a polyether antibiotic commonly used in animal husbandry. It has obvious control effects on Eimeria, such as chicken tenderness, accumulation, giant, transmutation and poison. It has been widely used for a long time as an anticocciditic for poultry or as a growth promoter for pigs and cattle. By changing the content of volatile fatty acids in large intestine and rumen of pigs and cattle, salinomycin can increase the content of propionic acid molecules, reduce the content of acetic acid and butyrate molecules, and increase the total energy, so as to gain weight and accelerate fattening. It can also change the digestibility of crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber in feed, so as to gain weight and improve the digestibility of feed.

Name of Veterinary drug

General name: salt premix

English name: Salinomycin Premix

Chinese Pinyin: Yanmeisu Yuhunji

Main ingredientSalinomycin

【 Molecular formula and molecular weight 】C42H69O11 750

Product properties Light yellow to dark brown particles, slightly special odor, melting point 140-142℃. Soluble in acetone, trichloromethane, benzene, ethyl acetate, ether and methanol, almost insoluble in water.

Pharmacological action This product is a polyether ionophore anticocciditic drug, and its action and mechanism are similar to those of monensin. It has effects on Eimeria brucei, especially on Eimeria BRUCei and EimerIA brucei, which are toxic, tender, giant, gentle, stacked, etc. It has obvious effect on sporozoites, first and second generation merozoites of coccidia chicken. Clinically, it is mainly used for coccidiosis of livestock and poultry.

IndicationFor prevention of coccidiosis in chickens.

【 Product Features 】

1. High efficiency and broad spectrum

Salinomycin has a wide spectrum of anti-coccidia, and is effective against tender, toxic, stack, fragile, giant and coccidia harlequi of chicken.

2. Rapid metabolism and low residue

Salinomycin will be excreted out of the body soon after being put into the animal body, and the amount of the drug remaining in the body is slightly less, without obvious accumulation phenomenon.

3. Improve feed utilization rate of livestock to promote growth

Salinomycin has a strong antibacterial effect by promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms and preventing the propagation of harmful bacteria, so as to maintain the balance of intestinal flora, reduce the thickness of intestinal wall, promote the absorption of nutrients, improve the feed conversion rate, and promote the growth of animals.

Specification 12% 24%

Packaging 25kg/ bag

Usage and dosage Based on salinomycin. Mixed feeding: 60g chicken per 1000kg feed.

【 Points for Attention 】

(1) It is forbidden to use with taamycin, bamtaamycin and other anticocciditic drugs.

(2) It is highly toxic to adult turkeys and horses, and is forbidden.

(3) The safety range of this product is narrow, and the concentration of mixed feeding should be strictly controlled.

(4) The laying period of laying hens is forbidden.

【 medicine rest period 】 chicken 5 days.

Storage Airtight, stored in a dry place.

Validity 2 years

Approval Number Veterinary medicine No. 151776195







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