Good news from Taimiao's production, the fermentation index hits a new high-An interview with Shengli Biotech 102 fermentation workshop

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In the first quarter of 2016, the production situation of Shengli biological Taimiao was gratifying. The total fermentation batch, extraction yield and synthesis yield reached a record high, ushering in a good start! Compared with the average annual level in 2015, the total number of fermentation batches increased by 6.0%, and the total batch output of Taimiao increased by 11.9%. Such impressive achievements have brought his team into our sight. Today, reporter Yuanyuan came to the 102 fermentation workshop and listened to their stories told by workshop director Zhu Chuanfeng and deputy director he Lubo.

Endless innovation - see work as fun

The innovation of technology has greatly improved the production index. The front-line staff actively put forward reasonable suggestions, and the Taimiao fermentation project team listened to the opinions with an open mind and investigated their feasibility; Analyze and continue to pay attention to abnormal values, study the essence of the process more thoroughly, innovate endlessly, adhere to the management spirit of "not afraid of problems", require to find causes and solutions after problems occur, draw valuable information from them and put them into production again, forming a benign treatment mode of "problem analysis sublimation practice".

When talking about their workshop, their technology and their employees, director Zhu Chuanfeng and director he Lubo will know every question and answer as far as they know. If they don't answer, they will be detailed and exhaustive, and they enjoy it. A positive attitude is very important. They love fermentation. They feel a sense of achievement from it. They regard work as fun, work and enjoy it.

Talent incubation -- a good training mechanism

"We are a team capable of fighting and winning wars". They have young forces and high-level talents. He Lubo, deputy director of the workshop, and Li Xinxin, technician, are post-80s. They come directly to the fermentation workshop after graduating from bachelor's degree and master's degree respectively. They take turns in front-line posts to learn and familiarize themselves with the process, so as to truly master every process control point, It has laid a solid foundation for them to look at the overall situation in management.

The fermentation workshop is the source of the whole production line. If you want to win a beautiful battle, you must lay a good foundation. Every step of operation can't be careless. This rigorous work style has transported professionals to 101 fermentation workshop, quality management department and other key posts.

Love factory as home - responsibility

"We are a team. Every post is very important. No link in the production process can be wrong, because the operation is irreversible and the consequences are irreversible." they raised their requirements and carried out production operations in strict accordance with relevant operating procedures. "This is a post with a strong sense of responsibility" is the most sentence I have heard.

Just two days ago, at more than 11:00 p.m., the air conditioning unit responsible for heating failed. If it could not provide enough heat for production, it would certainly affect the output. Zhu Chuanfeng, director of the fermentation workshop, got the news and took electric heating from home all night to escort the normal operation of production. There are too many such things. When asked about this kind of warm little story, the thoughtful expression of the two workshop directors made me feel the story, the warmth of loving the factory as home and the responsibility.

Dreams come true - you and I walk together

"The company led us to dream. Now we dare to dream and have the confidence to turn the dream into reality". For the first time, the company's leadership put forward the requirement of increasing the production index of the fermentation workshop by 150 billion. Through process innovation, they achieved an increase of 300 billion; The second time, they put forward the requirement of adding another 30 billion. They broke through this value again. Now they have made such impressive achievements. They just know that increasing 150 billion was the company's dream at that time, which was considered impossible at that time, but they did it and turned the dream into reality twice in a row.

The leaders and employees of the fermentation workshop love this cause and cherish this platform. They integrate their dreams with the company's dreams, and strive to realize the prosperity of the company as their dreams. You and I will walk together to realize our common dreams in the future! (Photo by Qu Yuanyuan / Zhuang Jinghao)


102 work arrangement meeting of fermentation workshop


Director Zhu Chuanfeng held a process discussion with the backbone of the workshop

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